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School Board Documents

Folder Policy Manual Cover Sheet and Table of Contents (1 Files)
Download Cover Sheet and Table of Contents
Folder Policy Manual Section A: Foundations and Basic Commitment (7 Files)
Download A INDEX Foundations and Basic Commitments
Download AA School Division Legal Status
Download AC Nondiscrimination
Download AD Educational Philosophy
Download AE School Division Goals and Objectives
Download AF Comprehensive Plan
Download AFA Evaluation of School Board Operational Procedures
Folder Policy Manual Section B: School Board Governance and Operations (34 Files)
Download B INDEX School Board Governance and Operations
Download BB School Board Legal Status
Download BBA School Board Powers and Duties
Download BBAA Board Member Authority
Download BBBA Qualifications of School Board Members
Download BBBC Board Member Oath of Office
Download BBD Board Member Removal from Office
Download BBE Unexpired Term Fulfillment
Download BBFA Conflict of Interests and Disclosure of Economic Interests
Download BCA School Board Organizational Meeting
Download BCB School Board Officers
Download BCC School Board Clerk
Download BCE School Board Committees
Download BCF Advisory Committees to the School Board
Download BCG School Attorney
Download BDA Regular School Board Meetings
Download BDB Special School Board Meetings
Download BDC Closed Meetings
Download BDCA Calling and Certification of Closed Meetings
Download BDD Electronic Participation in Meetings from Remote Locations
Download BDDA Notification of School Board Meetings
Download BDDC Agenda Preparation and Dissemination
Download BDDD Quorom
Download BDDE Rules of Order
Download BDDF Voting Method
Download BDDG Minutes
Download BDDH Public Participation at School Board Meetings (Also KD)
Download BF Board Policy Manual
Download BFC Policy Adoption
Download BFE Administration in Policy Absence (Also CHD)
Download BG Board-Staff Communications (Also GBD)
Download BHB School Board Members Inservice Activities
Download BHD School Board Member Compensation and Benefits
Download BHE School Board Member Liability Insurance
Folder Policy Manual Section C: General School Administration (14 Files)
Download C INDEX General School Administration
Download CA Administration Goals
Download CBA Qualifications and Duties for the Superintendent
Download CBB Appointment and Term of the Superintendent
Download CBCA Disclosure Statement Required of Superintendent
Download CBD Superintendent`s Contract, Compensation and Benefits
Download CBE Severance Benefits
Download CBG Evaluation of the Superintendent
Download CF School Building Administration
Download CH Policy Implementation
Download CHD Administration in Policy Absence (Also BFE)
Download CLA Reporting Acts of Violence and Substance Abuse
Download CM School Division Annual Report
Download CMA School Division Annual Report Card
Folder Policy Manual Section D: Fiscal Management (20 Files)
Download D INDEX Fiscal Management
Download DA Management of Funds
Download DB Annual Budget
Download DG Custody and Disbursement of School Funds
Download DGC School Activity Funds
Download DGD Funds for Instructional Materials and Office Supplies
Download DI Financial Accounting and Reporting
Download DIA Reporting Per Pupil Costs
Download DJ Small Purchasing
Download DJA Purchasing Authority
Download DJB Petty Cash Funds
Download DJF Purchasing Procedures
Download DJG Vendor Relations
Download DK Payment Procedures
Download DL Payroll Procedures
Download DLB Salary Deductions
Download DLC Expense Reimbursements
Download DM Cash in School Buildings
Download DN Disposal of Surplus Items
Download DO Non-Locally Funded Programs
Folder Policy Manual Section E: Support Services (25 Files)
Download E INDEX Support Services
Download EA Support Services
Download EB School Crisis, Emergency Management, and Medical Emergency Response Plan
Download EBA Buildings and Grounds Inspection
Download EBAA Reporting of Hazards
Download EBAB Possible Exposure to Viral Infections
Download EBB Threat Assessment Teams
Download EBBA Emergency First Aid, CPR and AED Certified Personnel
Download EBBB Personnel Training - Viral Infections
Download EBCB Safety Drills
Download EBCD School Closings
Download EC Buildings and Grounds Management and Maintenance
Download ECA Inventory and Reporting of Loss or Damage
Download ECAB Vandalism
Download EDC Authorized Use of School-Owned Materials
Download EEA Student Transportation Services
Download EEAB School Bus Scheduling and Routing
Download EEAC School Bus Safety Program
Download EEAD Special Use of School Buses
Download EF Food Service Management
Download EFB Free and Reduced Price Food Services
Download EFD Food Sanitation Program
Download EGAA Reproduction of Copyrighted Materials
Download EI Insurance Management
Download ET Educational Technology Foundations and Public School Foundations
Folder Policy Manual Section F: Facilities Development (11 Files)
Download F INDEX Facilities Development
Download FA Facilities Development
Download FB Facilities Planning
Download FE Playground Equipment
Download FEA Educational Facilities Specifications
Download FECBA Energy Efficient Construction
Download FECBB Accommodation for the Disabled
Download FEG Construction Planning
Download FF Public Dedication of New Facilities
Download FFA Naming School Facilities
Download FG Retirement of Facilities
Folder Policy Manual Section G: Personnel (18 Files)
Download G INDEX Personnel
Download GA Personnel Policies and Goals
Download GA.1 Anti-Fraternization Policy for Employee
Download GAA Staff Time Schedules
Download GAB Acceptable Computer System Use (Also IIBEA)
Download GAB-E1 Acceptable Computer System Use Agreement (Also IIBEA-E2)
Download GAB-R Acceptable Computer Use System (Also IIBEA-R)
Download GAD Access to Employee Media Accounts
Download GAE Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting (Also JHG)
Download GBEC Tobacco-Free School for Staff and Students (Also JFCH)
Download GBL Personnel Records
Download GBMA Support Staff Grievances
Download GC Professional Staff
Download GCBE Family and Medical Leave
Download GCG Professional Staff Probationary Term and Continuing Contract
Download GCPF Suspension of Staff Members
Download GDB Support Staff Employment Status
Download GDG Support Staff Probationary Period
Folder Policy Manual Section I: Instruction (28 Files)
Download I INDEX Instruction
Download IA Instructional Goals and Objectives
Download IAA Notification of Learning Objectives
Download IGAI Character Education
Download IGBG Homebound, Correspondence and Alternative Means of Instruction
Download IGBGA-R Buchanan County Public School Division Middle School Virtual Virginia Course Guidelines
Download IHB Class Size
Download IIAA Textbook Selection,, Adoption and Purchase
Download IIAB Supplementary Materials Selection and Adaption
Download IIAB Supplementary Materials Selection and Adaption
Download IIAE Innovative or Experimental Programs
Download IIBD School Libraries Media Centers
Download IIBEA-E Sample Letter to Parents Acceptable Computer System Use
Download IIBEA-R_GAB-R Acceptable Computer System Use
Download IIBEA_GAB Acceptable Computer System Use
Download IICA Field Trips
Download IICB-IICC Community Resource Persons School Volunteers
Download IJ Guidance and Counseling Program
Download IKA Parental Assistance with Instruction
Download IKB Homework
Download IKE Instruction Acceleration
Download IKEB Acceleration
Download IKF Standards of Learning Tests and Graduation Requirements
Download IKFA Locally Awarded Verified Credits
Download IKG Remediation Recovery Program
Download IKH Retaking SOL Assessments
Download IL Testing Programs
Download INB Teaching About Controversial Issues
Folder Policy Manual Section J: Students (38 Files)
Download JB Equal Educational Opportunities Nondiscrimination
Download JB-F Report of Discrimination
Download JBA Section 504 Nondiscrimination Policy and Complaint Procedures
Download JC School Attendance Areas
Download JCA Transfers by Student Victims of Crime
Download JCB Transfers by Students in Persistently Dangerous Schools
Download JCJ Classroom Assignments for Twins
Download JEA Compulsory Attendance
Download JEB Entrance Age Admission of Persons Not of School Age
Download JEC School Admission
Download JEC-R School Admission
Download JECA Admission of Homeless Children
Download JECB Admission of Nonpublic Students for Part-time Enrollment
Download JED Student Absences Excuses Dismissals
Download JED-R Additions to Policy JED for High School Students
Download JEG Exclusions and Exemptions from School Attendance
Download JFB Student Involvement in Decision Making
Download JFC Student Conduct
Download JFC-R Standards of Student Conduct
Download JFC-R Standards of Student Conduct
Download JFCA Teacher Removal of Students from Class
Download JFCB Sportsmanship, Ethics and Integrity
Download JFCC Student Conduct on School Buses
Download JFCD Weapons in School
Download JFCE Gang Activity or Association
Download JFCF Drugs in School
Download JFCH (Also GBEC) Tobacco-Free School for Staff and Students
Download JFCI Substance Abuse-Student Assistance Program
Download JFCJ Written Notification of Violation of School Policies by Students in Alternative Education Programs
Download JFCL Notification Regarding Prosecution of Juveniles as Adults
Download JFG Search and Seizure
Download JFG Search and Seizure
Download JGD-JGE Student Suspension and Expulsion
Download JHCH School Meals and Snacks
Download JJAC Student-Athlete Concussions During Extracurricular Activities
Download JO Student Records
Download JP Student Publications
Download JRCA School Service Providers Use of Student Personal Information
Folder Policy Manual Section K: School-Community Relations (30 Files)
Download KA Goals for School-Community Relations
Download KBA Requests for Information
Download KBA-F1 Requests for Public Records
Download KBA-F2 Record of Inspection and or Delivery of Copies
Download KBA-R Requests for Information
Download KBC Media Relations
Download KBE Internet Privacy
Download KC Community Involvement in Decision Making
Download KD (Also BDDH) Public Participation at School Board Meetings
Download KD Public Participation at School Board Meetings
Download KF Distribution of Information-Materials
Download KFB Administration of Surveys and Questionnaires
Download KG Community Use of School Facilities
Download KGA Sales and Solicitations in Schools
Download KGB Public Conduct on School Property
Download KGC Use of Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes on School Premises
Download KH Public Gifts to the Schools
Download KJ Advertising in the Schools
Download KK School Visitors
Download KKA Service Animals in Public Schools
Download KL Public Complaints
Download KLB Public Complaints About Learning Resources
Download KLB-E Buchanan County School Division
Download KMA Relations with Parent Organizations
Download KN Sex Offender Registry Notification
Download KNA Violent Sex Offenders on School Property
Download KNAJ Relations with Law Enforcement Authorities
Download KNB Reports of Missing Children
Download KP Parental Rights and Responsibilities
Download KQ Commercial, Promotional and Corporate Sponsorships and Partnerships
Folder Policy Manual Section L: Education Agency Relations (7 Files)
Download LA Education Agency Relations Goals
Download LB Relations with Private Schools
Download LBD Home Instruction
Download LC Charter Schools
Download LEA Student Teachers
Download LEB Advanced-Alternative Courses for Credit
Download LI Relations with Educational Accreditation Agencies
Folder Policy Manual Topical Index (1 Files)
Download Topical Index
Folder Policy Manual Code Finder Index (1 Files)
Download Code Finder Index
Folder Policy Manual Copyright (1 Files)
Download Copyright

Address:  1176 Booth Branch Road, Grundy, Virginia 24614               Phone:  (276)935-4551             Fax:  (276)935-7150      


Buchanan County School Board does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color,
national origin, sex, 
sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, disability, genetic information,
veteran status, marital status 
or age in its employment, programs and activities and provides
equal access to the Boy Scouts and other 
designated youth groups.


Please contact the Title IX Coordinator to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies.